24 Hour Garden Project

Inspired by a UK TV nature program called Springwatch, I decided to set myself a challenge to photograph the wildlife in (or above) my garden over a 24 hour period - 5pm to 5pm which I finished yesterday 1st June 2013.

Unfortunately it was not the greatest of days to choose to do this because despite the forecast it became very cloudy and threatened to rain yesterday afternoon. It was also a little windy for macro shots! That said I am pleased with some of the shots and had great fun switching between a telephoto lens for the bird shots and a macro lens for hunting down small critters. Because spring is so late this year, there were virtually no bees, wasps, beetles or butterflies. It was quite hard to find anything at all!

The quality of some of these shots is a little poor and some tight cropping, but that was not the point, it was more the fun of the challenge. A tripod was used for the long lens bird shots, but the macro was hand held or for some a monopod - the breeze was havoc with a couple of mm depth of field! . . .

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